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interactive ordering system – order drinks and snacks directly at the table via touch screen


With this template, restaurant customers receive the menu as an interactive dashboard with integrated ordering system. Also connect further services to establish an easy online or POS ordering system. The order is sent directly by e-mail. Easily change and adjust drinks, food and prices at any time. All you need is a monitor to get started.

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possible data sources

This template uses simple variable lists as data source allowing you to save parameters directly on the Peakboard Box. You can freely decide about the way of visualization and the data to be integrated. Other possible data sources are for example: JSON, XML, CSV, ODBC, Microsoft SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, Microsoft Excel, Google Docs / Spreadsheet, Microsoft SharePoint lists and many more.

how it works

“Adjust the variable ‘MailReceiver’ under Variables and enter your e-mail address. Every order will be sent directly to this address as soon as a customer clicks on ‘Order’. With the help of the variable lists ‘Products0’, ‘Products1’, ‘Products2’ and ‘Products3’ you can enter the desired products including their prices. Assign an individual table number for each screen with the variable ‘TableNumber’.

With multiple screens, you may want to store and manage drinks and food in a cloud service using a central data source, such as an Excel sheet.”

Background image designed by Mrsiraphol / Freepik

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