template overview

climate protection with Peakboard and Carployee – form carpools and save CO2


With Carployee's solution, companies effectively support their employees in building car pools. They reduce their environmental footprint by lowering CO2 emissions, as well as reducing traffic jams and saving parking spaces. The generated data is then made visible with a dashboard from Peakboard to communicate the success to all employees, which motivates other employees to join in and also contribute to climate protection. Download the template now and improve your company's mobility behavior sustainably!

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how it works

The dashboard works with sample data from variable lists. If you want to use real data, you need a Carployee account.

Ask Carployee directly for API access. Now you just need to update one of the JSON data sources and enter the correct URL and your token. Then you have to connect the single tiles and the two charts with the dataflow “timeline_weeks_DF” and “quickstats_DF”. And you’re already making the successes visible through carpools.


create your individual visualization

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