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digital signage in the waiting room – the dashboard for the doctor's office


This dashboard was created as part of the WirVsVirus-Hackathon in March 2020 (wirvsvirushackathon.org) organized by the German government and seven social initiatives. The goal was to better organize waiting times for patients in medical practices or hospitals, but also to prevent the mutual infection as far as possible by moving the waiting rooms outside, so to speak. The display solution can, for example, inform waiting patients or visitors about their appointments via a screen in front of the practice during Corona. Download the template and design your customized dashboard with the data sources of your choice.

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The Idea

The idea behind is to install a Peakboard box with a large, standard screen outside the practice, i.e. outdoors. Before the patients enter the practice, they register by phone. The patient is then put on the digital waiting list with the screen telling them their turn and treatment room. There is also the possibility to list numbers instead of patient names to indicate turns.

The entry takes place via a web interface. No internet connection and only minimal infrastructure is required. A WLAN is sufficient for the network, if necessary also via mobile phone. No special IT knowledge is required for the installation.

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