template overview

digital andon board ― the status of your production lines and current OEE values at a glance


With this template you can create a digital Andon Board to easily display important key figures of your production lines in real time. Production staff can automatically see important information such as a customer's current order, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and the production status at a glance. With real-time visualization of problems in typical Andon Board signal colors, you can keep an eye on problem messages and respond by correcting the fault at lightning speed - increasing productivity and reducing material waste. Download now and get started!

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possible data sources

This template uses a Peakboard variable list. In reality the data would be fetched from a MES. With Peakboard you could connect your visualization with the following systems: AIS Automation FabEagle MES, camLine InFrame Synapse MES, DELMIA Apriso MES, DE DESC, FASTEC 4 PRO, Felten PILOT:MES, Forcam Force, gfos.MES, inray FAS, iTAC.MES.Suite, MPDV MES HYDRA, Plex MES Suite, PSIpenta MES and many more.


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Design different visualizations for production, logistics, IT and many other areas with the Peakboard Designer. Peakboard allows you to display all relevant information, KPI’s and processes at a glance and in real time.

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