Template Overview

OKR Team Goals with Google Spreadsheet


OKR is a management method for linking the goals of each individual employee to those of the company. This template offers the possibility to display up to 4 Objectives and 3 Key Results. For this purpose, the respective data is loaded from a variable list. You can replace this variable list with another datasource, such as Google Spreadsheet or Excel, so that you can easily adapt it to your needs.

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To Use With Google Spreadsheet

If you want to use Google Spreadsheet as a datasource you just have to update the ‘OKR_Spreadsheet’ data source within the explorer and authorize your account. You’ll need a Spreadsheet with the same structure as the variable list ‘OKR_Values’. Finally you have to select the Tile View on the canvas and change the data source from the dataflow ‘Dataflow_OKRs’ to ‘Dataflow_OKRs_w_Spreadsheet’:image_live


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