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Keep track of relevant quality metrics using this handy dashboard.


This template offers a complete overview of the relevant quality key figures in your production. The dashboard shows a real-time overview of the current day and offers the possibility to display historical data over a certain period, which can be selected via a drop-down list.

This allows for deeper analysis of the metrics and strategic decisions can be made accordingly. The data comes from a list in Peakboard Hub and is collected using this interactive dashboard. Download the template now for free and customize it to your individual needs or your company’s corporate design. For even easier usability, all scripts in this template were created using Peakboard Building Blocks, our low-code script editor.

Open file with Peakboard Designer

possible data sources

This template used a Peakboard Hub list as the central data source. Here, the data in the Peakboard Hub list is collected through this interactive dashboard. Alternatively, other databases such as SQL, Oracle or ODBC can be used for this purpose.

how it works

To be able to use this template to its full extent, you need Peakboard Hub. You can find out how to install it here. Open Peakboard Hub, select “Lists” in the menu and click on the “Import” button to import the required table structure. You can download it here.

Fill in the “Name” field with “QualityData” and select the previously downloaded file.

Next, open the Peakboard Designer and setup a connection to Peakboard Hub as explained here. Now open this template within the Peakboard Designer and go back to the Peakboard Hub settings under Project > Peakboard Hub.

Click on “Overwrite” to replace the Peakboard Hub Connection of the template with your own credentials.

Now you are ready and the template automatically reads data from the created list in Peakboard Hub.

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