template overview

your dashboard for truck loading at the goods exit - overview of a truck bridge loading


This template gives you an overview of current bridge loadings in warehouse logistics. This way the forklift drivers know at any time how many goods have already been loaded, how many are still outstanding and within which time the task must be completed. Additional information on the orders, such as possible hazard classes, weight classes, freight company, etc. can also be displayed automatically. Corresponding data can be obtained from SAP, for example. Download the template now and optimize your loading process.

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possible data sources

This template uses Peakboard variable lists as fictitious data sources. Alternatively, the data could also come from a WMS or other logistics programs. Some examples you could connect to: SAP EWM, Oracle NetSuite, PSIwms, Erhardt + Partner LFS, IBM Sterling WMS, Epicor WMS, JDA WMS, Fishbowl Inventory, SSI Schäfer WAMAS and many more.


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