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Interactive dashboard for your shopfloor management – safety cross and quality Q as lean management tools


In a calendar-like tile view this template gives an overview of the safety and quality in the organization contributing to a continuous improvement process (kaizen). The safety cross visualizes accidents and severity of injury at the workplace. The quality Q displays product quality - for an improved quality management in the manufacturing area. Adjust and save the values of individual tiles in a Peakboard Hub List via touch screen or mouse. This will give both managers and workers a transparent overview of the safety, efficiency and productivity at the shopfloor.

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Possible Data Sources

This dashboard was created using the Peakboard Hub as a data source. The values are read from a Peakboard Hub list and overwritten in the case of a change on the dashboard. This enables the values to be easily read and written directly via the touchscreen. The template can also be used with other data sources and the values entered can be saved in another system. Possible data sources are: MS SQL Server, MS Access, MS Azure SQL, Oracle Database, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and many more.

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