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your digital shopfloor management board ― dashboard for the overall status of a production line


Important information about your production intelligently presented to all employees, exactly where they need it! With this template you can see the overall status of your production line at a glance, as well as tasks to be completed and key figures on safety and quality level - especially comprehensible through the safety cross and the quality Q! The efficient communication of relevant information on your shopfloor contributes to the continuous improvement process, increases productivity and thus ensures your competitiveness. Download directly now!

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possible data sources

This template uses Peakboard variable lists as fictitious data sources. In a real scenario you could connect your systems instead. Data for the different areas of this board could come from completely different systems. ERP systems like: abas ERP, proALPHA ERP, Epicor ERP, Comarch ERP, QAD Adaptive ERP, SAP or many more. There could also be MES systems such as AIS Automation FabEagle MES, camLine InFrame Synapse MES, DELMIA Apriso MES, DE DESC, FASTEC 4 PRO, Felten PILOT:MES or Forcam Force connected. Or also machine-oriented communication methods such as: MQTT, OPC UA, Siemens S7, Azure Event & IoT Hub, Werma, Mitsubishi Electric, Beckhoff Automation, Bosch IoT Gateway, Rockwell Automation or MT Connect. There are many data sources you could use for this board, you can find an overview here.

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