template overview

andon-system for assembly line production ― keep track of individual work steps on a dashboard


With this handy template you can see multiple workstations at a glance. This way you can trackindividual work steps, which helps to improve your processes. In addition, you can react quickly to possible problems of your workers and machine malfunctions at a workstation to efficiently minimize waste. This template can be used in production, e.g. in piece production or assembly line production, as well as in mounting. Download the template now and easily optimize production processes!

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possible data sources

This template uses Peakboard variable lists as data source. For your Use Case you can of course use your systems. Here the communication could also take place between different boxes. Just add another Peakboard Box as data source and simply read variables or variable lists from this box. Peakboard Edge would also be an option here, with Peakboard Edge you could easily connect analog systems and bring data into the digital world.

Of course you can also use existing infrastructure and read out machine data via MQTT, OPC UA, Siemens S7, Werma, Mitsubishi Electric or your MES connection. Many MES are supported. Among others: FORCAM FORCE, AIS Automation FabEagle MES, camLine InFrame Synapse MES, MPDV MES HYDRA or many more.


create your individual visualization

Design different visualizations for production, logistics, IT and many other areas with the Peakboard Designer. Peakboard allows you to display all relevant information, KPI’s and processes at a glance and in real time.

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