template overview

FORCAM andon board with FORCAM FORCE™ bridge API


In the production area, an andon board is used as a monitoring tool on the shopfloor to visualize the production status of an assembly line or manufacturing system. For an easy optimization of production processes. This template uses a connection to FORCAM FORCE™, FORCAM's IT platform for the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Three workplaces are visualized in real-time. Process data and data on overall equipment efficiency (OEE) is retrieved via FORCAM's FORCE™ Bridge API and visualized on an andon dashboard.

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how it works

This template uses the FORCAM FORCE™ Bridge API.

Adjust the URL of the individual API calls to your system (in total there are 9 API calls).

In a second step, adjust the authentication, your Token URL, your Client ID and your Client Secret. If you want to create a new call to the API, you can always select the FORCAM preset for the authentication.

Finally, adjust the Workplace Number variables and enter the 3 workplaces that you want to visualize on your dashboard.


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