template overview

quickly retrofitting machines with a light barrier and Peakboard Edge


Digitalization is too expensive and time-consuming for you? Simply retrofit your old machines! All you need is Peakboard Edge in combination with Peakboard Enterprise and a standard light barrier with a relay output. With this template you can visualize the collected data and communicate them directly. Download it now!

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possible data sources

This template uses the Peakboard Edge data source. Peakboard Edge can directly input and output information about external devices. Peakboard Edge does not communicate via a display, but is always connected to a Peakboard Box. Here you can learn more about Peakboard Edge.

how it works


How exactly this template works and how you can build it yourself, you can find out in this YouTube Video:


create your individual visualization

Design different visualizations for production, logistics, IT and many other areas with the Peakboard Designer. Peakboard allows you to display all relevant information, KPI’s and processes at a glance and in real time.

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