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Interactive manufacturing dashboard – communication via touchscreen


This template serves as an interactive dashboard for manual production. By using an interactive screen in the form of a touch screen at the workstation, the worker can report problems, stop assembly times and at the same time see how many parts still need to be completed for a specific order - in real time! This information can then be reviewed elsewhere to optimize production. In this way, production data acquisition (PDA) can be implemented very easily and reliably. Download the template directly and connect a variety of individual interfaces. For your flexible visualization of important company key figures! Download template and optimize your manufacturing processes.

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possible data sources

This template uses Peakboard variable lists as fictitious data sources. In a real scenario you could connect your systems instead. There could also be MES such as AIS Automation FabEagle MES, camLine InFrame Synapse MES, DELMIA Apriso MES, DE DESC, FASTEC 4 PRO, Felten PILOT:MES or Forcam Force connected. Or databases such as: MS SQL Server, MS Access, MS Azure SQL, Oracle Database, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL or MongoDB. Or also machine-oriented communication methods such as: MQTT, OPC UA, Siemens S7, Azure Event & IoT Hub, Werma, Mitsubishi Electric, Beckhoff Automation, Bosch IoT Gateway, Rockwell Automation or MT Connect. There are many data sources you could use for this board, you can find an overview here.

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