template overview

your digital andon light system –– easily monitor production steps


This template shows an overview of the sequences of individual production steps of an order. With this Dashboard you can display in a typical traffic light color scheme whether everything is running according to plan for the individual production steps. In the event of faults, a quick glance at the monitor and the "red light" tells you if there is a problem, where exactly the problem is and also since when it exists. This provides transparency at the workplace, increases motivation and shortens reaction times. In addition, the order status is displayed in real time. Download the template for free, remove the timer script and add your data source to use the visualization for your purposes.

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possible data sources

This template uses Peakboard variable lists as fictitious data sources. In a real scenario you could connect your systems instead. Machine-oriented communication methods could be interesting here, such as: MQTT, OPC UA, Siemens S7, Azure Event & IoT Hub, Werma, Mitsubishi Electric, Beckhoff Automation, Bosch IoT Gateway, Rockwell Automation or MT Connect. There are many data sources you could use for this board, you can find an overview here.


create your individual visualization

Design different visualizations for production, logistics, IT and many other areas with the Peakboard Designer. Peakboard allows you to display all relevant information, KPI’s and processes at a glance and in real time.

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